Our Approach

Our Approach

We believe:

  • Having an ongoing relationship with our customers is not just a way to create more business, we believe forming a long-term relationship is a huge part of communication.
  • Communication is the key to building a success relationship.
  • When you have open a line of communication and both parties understand exactly what is required and needed, balls don’t get dropped and services are done on time as required and requested.

Our Story

Who Are We?

The leadership of Platinum Fire Services have been in the business of saving lives and property for over two decades. We take pride in knowing that each and everyday our company plays a huge role in helping save people’s lives and property.

About this website

To sum up what this website is all about… it’s a communication portal.

On the surface, it’s a way to answer any questions and concerns when it comes to life safety.

But that’s just the beginning.

Within the “inside” parts of this website, our customers and clients have their own convenient “private” areas where they can log in and download monthly/quarterly/yearly reports at their convenience.

Another nice feature is that our clients can also download photos of deficiencies that were found during any service and inspections performed while on site.

One of the biggest benefits that many overlook is that by going to a private download page to retrieve private documents rather than receive everything via email, is that one can now have more privacy and security and files are much less likely to get intercepted.

Meet the Team

Our leadership and team members all play an important part in making sure our customer’s are completely satisfied with the work we provide.


Edward Cardenas

Founder & CEO

“Eddie” entered the fire protection industry in September of 1989.

He eagerly enrolled in the Penn State apprenticeship program and completed it in 1995.

Only a short time after the program, Eddie was promoted to fire sprinkler foreman.

This entailed running contract jobs such as new high schools and retro fitting floors on many high rises in and around the Houston area.

He started inspecting fire systems around 1999/2000 and became licensed in 2008 before it was mandated.

Eddie is also NICET certified.

Next Steps…

If you are looking for a professional fire safety contractor, would like a free estimate or simply just want to ask a few question, please feel free to give us a call. We are here to serve YOU! More Info…